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In this lab, we believe

diversity equity inclusion
diversity equity inclusion

We strive to foster an inclusive education and work environment and to mentor a diverse group of scientists with different backgrounds, experiences, scientific preferences, and worldviews. In this spirit, our laboratory will welcome and champion all scientists regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, or gender.

Meet the Team 

Principal Investigator

Yuzhong Liu

Postdoc Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Advisor: Jay Keasling

Ph.D. in Chemistry

University of California, Berkeley

Advisor: Omar Yaghi

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Research Assistant 

Lab manager

Celine Wang

B.Sc. in Biology 

Whittier College


Postdoctoral Researcher

Yihan Yang

Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Graduate Student (G1)

Yukiye Koide

B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering

Harvard University 

M.Sc. in Biology

University of San Francisco


Graduate Student (G1)

Alex Du

B.Sc. in Chemistry

University of California Berkeley


Research Assistant

Rossie Luo

M.Sc. in Food Science

Cornell University 


Graduate Student (G1)

Heewon Seo

B.Sc. in Biochemistry & B.A. in History

Oberlin College



Postdoc? Graduate student? RA?


Sugar enthusiasts

Terpene synthesis junkies 

Immunoactivity nerds 

Lead Physicist

Coco Cat

Inspired by Newton's law of universal gravitation, Coco is passionate about knocking everything off the table and has gotten quite good at it. 

Product Manager

Young Christian

Christian identifies the market problem of cat food shortage in the house and then leads the group (of 2) to scream at the human to effectively solve the problem. 

Lab Alum

Yongheng Gao

Visiting Student

Yongheng Gao

Undergraduate in Chemistry 

Nankai University, China

Current position: Nankai University

Max Grabovac

Research Assistant

Max Grabovac

B.Sc. in Microbial biology 

University of California Berkeley

Current position: PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography


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